Based in Osaka, Japan, I am a teacher of water color painting flowers, jewelry designer of own brand "Mary Cadogaki" and all-around creative force as an unique designer. 

In 2001, I was inspired by the Leonard Paris floral print, which is the most well known beautiful prints in the world, and started to draw the water color painting flowers. 

I opened my own water color painting class room to people who love the beauty of flowers, paintings and art in 2004. 




"Huis Ten Bosch Japan-Netherlands Memorial Award" in Nagasaki, Japan in 2006

"Contemporary Impression Special Award" Japan-France art festival in Yokohama 2007

"Premio Scambio Artistico Internazionzle di Verona" in Italy 2007

"Japan-France art Festival" in Blois, France 2008


In addition,I have been holding my exhibitions every othere year in Osaka

Since 2004,as well as exhibiting my works in different kinds of art galleries in Japan.